This talk was given while I was a faculty at the Center for Contemplative Mind Summer Session 2017. The talk, "The Stories We Tell: Reframing How We Make Sense of the World," explores how the stories we tell shape how we perceive the world. While they are often the result of conditioning and learned ideologies, mindfulness can help us slow down that process in order to reframe and reclaim them. Special thanks for the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society for recording this video.

The Imposter Syndrome is a Tool of Internalized Oppression.

Do you think you are never good enough? That any moment now people will discover you are a fraud? Do you berate yourself with negative self-talk? Compare yourself to others and always find yourself less than?

Chances are you are suffering from the Imposter Syndrome. And THAT is learned behavior--a tool of internalized oppression that is designed to keep us down.

The good news is that it can be UNLEARNED.