Teacher/ Facilitator/Trainer

Beth has facilitated anti-oppression trainings and workshops for the leadership at the Baltimore County Schools, at conferences, in yoga studios, and at universities. She is available for workshops, coaching-style sessions, or educational trainings to help people understand how oppression operates in our lives (whatever our identities), see it at work in our organizations, and then learn practical tools for transforming those conditions toward a more just and equitable world. Contact Beth for more information.



Still Available as a recording.

For white yoga teachers, students, healers, and therapists: how can we be effective white allies in the work of dismantling racism? What do we need to unlearn about race, whiteness, and privilege as we work towards racial justice? This interactive course will offer yoga and meditation practices that can help those of us who are white sit with the discomfort of the process and cultivate transformational ways of relating to one another across racial differences. We will also learn practical tools for talking with other whites about racism.

Online course with Dianne Bondy

Unlearn Toxic Messages (aka Internalized Oppression) and Cultivate Self-Love.


An online webinar with Dr. Jason A. Laker.

Still available for purchase. Geared toward Higher Education Professionals.

Beth's Teaching at St. Cloud State University

GWS 270: Feminist Leadership and Social Transformation

GWS 220: Race and Gender in the U.S.

COLL 196: Yoga as a Practice for Social Justice

WS 201: Introduction to Women's Studies

WS 415: Feminist Theory

WS 485: Senior Capstone Course

WS 330: Gender and Popular Culture

WS 305: Gender and the Body

WS 305: Feminist Leadership, Advocacy, and Self-Care

WS 444: Feminist Blogging Internship